This bibliography includes only those editions of the author's works which were published during his lifetime, except for those works republished in The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion: A Critical Edition (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2009). This bibliography includes unsigned articles from The Prospective Review and The Eclectic Review. Each of the articles from the PR has already been attributed to Newman by Walter E. Houghton in The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals. Whenever Houghton's sources have been inaccessible, I have found other evidences, either external or internal, to verify his attributions. Newman's articles published in the ER pose a different set of problems to the researcher. On the one hand, since most of them were written while Newman was in the process of working his way out of Christianity, we cannot always dismiss an article simply because a thought expressed therein is incongruous with the known views of Newman in his maturity. Moreover, since we know that, in some cases, Newman was content to allow the anonymous publications of his early years to remain anonymous, we cannot regard the mere absence of an allusion from the author during his later years to be decisive. Thus, it can be particularly difficult, if not impossible in some instances, to prove that an article, on the sole basis of its intrinsic characteristics, has (or has not) been written by Newman. On the other hand, when Newman touches upon one of his favorite topics or slips into a familiar attitude or perspective, then the interior evidence for attribution can become so overwhelming that the scales tip altogether in favor of recognizing Newman's authorship. Such was the case in regard to the article titled "The Works of Plato." Erring perhaps on the side of caution, I have included no other previously unidentified articles from the ER. All of the other articles from the ER in this bibliography were claimed by Newman himself upon introducing them for republication in his Miscellanies.

        For the identification of Newman's authorship of the unsigned "Capacities of Women" in the Westminster Review, I am indebted to Harriet Blodgett's article "Francis Newman and the Capacities of Women" (Nineteenth Century Prose 18 [Winter 1990/1991]: 1-8).

        I believe this to be the first attempt towards a complete bibliography of the published writings of Francis William Newman, although the bibliography compiled by Sidney Coulling to accompany his article in the Dictionary of Literary Biography (v. 190: British Reform Writers, 1832-1914, eds. Gary Kelly and Edd Applegate [Detroit: Gale Research, 1998]: 224-31) may be regarded as an essay in this direction. If a truly complete bibliography is ever to appear, it must first make its public appearance in an unfinished state, and it must not boast of having attained completion during a single lifetime or restrict itself to the endeavors of a single person. The Francis William Newman Research Center solicits the co-operation of other scholars, and as additional published works by Newman are identified, or as the attributions are verified, these works will be added to this bibliography.

        Tod E. Jones, Director
        The Francis William Newman Research Center