The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion:
A Critical Edition

Critical and Explanatory Notes

        Francis Newman frequently refers or alludes to persons, institutions, events, and publications. Many of these references and allusions may have been sufficiently familiar to his contemporary audience so as not to require further explanation, but—for today's readers—they now demand some notice. Moreover, Newman sometimes quotes passages without providing the specificity in his citations that academic readers require. For various reasons, Critical and Explanatory Notes may be helpful to readers and researchers.

        This website—or, rather, section of the website of the FWNS—is intended as a growing database, a place where scholarly notes pertinent to F. W. Newman's various publications, but especially those included in The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion: A Critical Edition, may be made public. Most researchers collect and reserve their notes for their own academic work. This is understandable, but unfortunate, for—as I am confident that any academic will confirm—a vast number of notes never see the light of day. They are never integrated into a publication and never aid other researchers. As a result, in the sphere of academia, there is an immense amount of intellectual waste and redundancy of effort. The purpose of this database is to bring scholarly research to the assistance of scholarly research, to curtail redundant work, and to enable scholars to make use of, build upon, or correct previously submitted work. Moreover, all contributions that are added to this website are, in fact, published. (Yes, that's right, you can add each accepted contribution to your c.v.!)

        The Critical and Explanatory Notes is intended to be a collection wherein contributors are given due recognition. All information culled from this database should be cited appropriately, with the name of the contributor stated whenever possible. Anonymous contributions will be marked as such, but—as a general rule—the name and place or institution of the contributor will be noted. Only the editor's notes will be published without attribution.

Contributors and Researchers:

        The Bulletin Board previously linked from this website had to be closed on account of visitor misuse. If you wish to make a submission to "Critical and Explanatory Notes," please e-mail the and remember to include your name and either your city of residence or the name of your academic or professional institution. Thank you.

        Tod E. Jones, Director
        The Francis William Newman Research Center